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aRtisTiC FuNK

This past week I have been in a funk, artistically. Why does this happen I wonder? There has been talk of this very subject on a couple of my groups this past week. Has that talk weaved it's way into my subconsciousness and affected my mind set? I'm not sure if that chat is the culprit or not. But i do believe the negative or positive energy around you can affect you.

One of the ways I tried to lift myself out of one of these funks is to work on some backgrounds.

Sometimes I work on a full 140 lb 9 x 12 sheet of water color paper. That is what I use for most all of my backgrounds. As I work on this large piece I know when I cut it down into atc or 4 x 4 size I will be surprised where my random elements will end up in this smaller background size.

Lately I have found myself working on individual atc backgrounds instead of the full sheet of wc paper. This is a fun way to create a background also. The above atc backgrounds were made yesterday. I picked up a new set of clear stamps…
Well for the past week I have been missing in action. Internet problems that were very weird. For some reason my computer just wouldn't connect to the internet. There is more to the story but it is pretty boring so........

Any who I wanted to let you all know that the membership drive for Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group only has a few days left. See my previous post for the details. Currently I am in second place for the membership drive. I need a few more people to join the group and put my name in the comment section when they join. Just add something like I saw Arlene's blog post and would like to join the group. That way I'll get credit. You can't join the group and then post that you saw my blog and joined. I won't get credit that way.

If you'd like an idea of the awesome art work that the members have been doing using PID images please check out the blog where some of the members have been chosen to showcase their art for last weeks Polka Dot Challenge.


More Fun @ Paper Imagery Designs

Remember the other day when I told you how much fun it was over on the new Paper Imagery Designs Yahoo group? Did you believe me and run over there an join? No? You didn't get a chance to join yet. Well now here is a chance for you and I to take part in another contest. Lori & Melissa are running a new membership drive contest. So run over there and when you join add my name Arlene in the comment section. Once you've joined your free to join the contest by getting your friends to join the group using your name. Here is the prize structure. Please read the complete rules in the group files !

First Prize: $50 gift certificate to our store.This gift certificate will be good on anything that we have in stock. Which will also include Maya Road will be limited to only one of each product if you desire any of them. No multiples of Maya Road. You can combine the sheets matte or transparency and the Maya Road, German Scrap and Stickers.
Second and Third place prize…

House ATC Transparency

Hi all I've been having a lot of fun with the Paper Imagery Designs image sheets. This weekend I added an element that I don't have much experience with. Transparencies. Take a peek at this atc I did using one of the Paper Imagery Designs ATC House Transparency sheets over a PID image. I love this image of Isabella she is from sheet # 148. I have used her on a few pieces of art. Check back a few posts to see her used on a 2 x 2 background.
The house transparencies are available in either plain black, like I used above or colored. Check them out. There are a few other transparency sheets available.

I am so loving my new bottle of Ranger color wash. Here is another atc I made using the color wash on the background. I also used my new Adirondack Pigment Ink pad and embossing powder in eggplant. The image is Tessa from Paper Imagery Designs.

New ATC's

Here are a few ATC's that I've made this past week. I really like the way the little angel turned out. The images are from Paper Imagery Designs.

Have you had a chance to check out the new Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group? Lori & Melissa have been having trivia contests almost every day and the prizes are free image sheets.
Someone from the yahoo group will be the lucky winner in an up coming contest of 24 original one of a kind ATC's. Each of the designers, there are 6 of us along with Melissa & Lori are creating 3 atc's for this special prize. So if you don't want to miss out on a chance to win an awesome prize pack of 24 atc's go over to the group and join. See you there!
Have a great weekend!


Ranger Prize & an ATC

You may notice I've changed the way my blog looks. For months I have been trying to change the code so I can have a three column layout instead of the two. Well I finally got the three columns but a few things are looking a little funny. Such as the pictures in one of the columns. I've been promised some help later today so please bare with me until then.

Now in one of my earlier posts I mention how I was lucky enough to win a monthly challenge from Ranger. I promised to let you know what I won when my box came. Well it came in on Tuesday. I love Ranger products did I mention that yet LOL.
My prize pack contained An Adirondack Paint Dabber, a bottle of Embossing Powder, a Adirondack Pigment Ink Pad, a spray bottle of Color Wash, and a bottle of Dimensional Pearls. All in the color of Eggplant. Didn't I tell you they were very generous in their prize packs?

I immediately sprayed some of the Color Wash onto a paper towel just to check it out. WOW is all I can say. I am going to…

I Love Inchies

Inchie are some the the cutest little pieces of art I have ever seen. I am amazed at how those tiny little images can make a little 1 x 1 background come alive. Here are some of the inchies I have made using the new Inchie image sheet from Paper Imagery Designs.

Check out the image sheet and while your there hop over to the blog where you can see some great art work made with PID images.


My Yahoo Groups & My Crazy Life

Usually each of my blog posts is accompanied with a picture of a piece of art that I have made. Well today there is no picture. Sorry to disappoint. It's not that I have nothing new to share but at the moment I have no scanner and can not find my digital card reader. Read below.

For the past week I have been staying at my oldest daughters house. We live out in the country and have to depend on a well to furnish the water to our home. Well the well is dead. Not a good thing since it costs roughly 8 to 10 thousand dollars to drill a new one. My husband who can pretty much fix anything has not had much luck with fixing this problem. At the moment we don't know if the well has dried up or there is something wrong with the pump.

Since my husband is self employed and does most of his jobs 25 to 30 miles away from our home he does not get home before dark most nights. It is impossible to work on this problem in the dark so here I sit for another few days until he can get out to the hou…