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Usually each of my blog posts is accompanied with a picture of a piece of art that I have made. Well today there is no picture. Sorry to disappoint. It's not that I have nothing new to share but at the moment I have no scanner and can not find my digital card reader. Read below.

For the past week I have been staying at my oldest daughters house. We live out in the country and have to depend on a well to furnish the water to our home. Well the well is dead. Not a good thing since it costs roughly 8 to 10 thousand dollars to drill a new one. My husband who can pretty much fix anything has not had much luck with fixing this problem. At the moment we don't know if the well has dried up or there is something wrong with the pump.

Since my husband is self employed and does most of his jobs 25 to 30 miles away from our home he does not get home before dark most nights. It is impossible to work on this problem in the dark so here I sit for another few days until he can get out to the house during daylight hours. We do not even know if he can fix the problem at this point and to be perfectly honest if we need to dig a new well we are going to have to make a major decision concerning our home.

So today I thought I would tell you some of the things that have been happening on a few of the yahoo groups that I belong to. I've had a pretty exciting few days on a couple of my groups and thought I would share.

Over at the Rangerlink yahoo group each month a challenge is posted. For each monthly challenge certain Ranger products must be used on a new piece of art. For the month of May the challenge was Snap Crackle & Pop. For this challenge you had to use a Ranger product that will crackle. I have some of Rangers crackle distress paint so on my background I used that. Oh and hey I do have a picture to share today. I never uploaded my Ranger Challenge piece to my blog and I happened to have scanned it before I had to leave home. Yippee

Now for these challenges anyone who participates gets their name into a drawing and ya know what you win? You guessed it Ranger products. And let me tell you Ranger is very generous. AND yes I won so I will be looking forward to seeing what comes in this prize box. They have a few new products out so I may get to try something new that I can't buy locally yet. I'll let you all know what I get.

Meet Lila, she is another great image from Paper Imagery Designs. I'm sure by now you have checked out the new Paper Imagery Designs website. If you haven't you are really missing out. Melissa & Lori have added so much new stuff in the past two weeks you need to check it out again if you have already.

Melissa has set up a new Yahoo group Paper Imagery Designs and fun things are happening over there. Contest and challenges galore. Just today they gave away two free image sheets for answering a trivia question. And these image sheets are great.

Also if you seen my last post. My cute little 2 x2 of Isabella made the home page of another one of my groups ArtTechniques. This is a very big honor especially on a group of that size with so many talented artists. So thank you Sherre again for such a special honor!

Have a great day!


Mel♥ said…
what a great post Arlene!! Congrats on all of it!!
Anonymous said…
YIKES, Arlene!! I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts...hope your well can be fixed!! What a PAIN!! Congrats on the Ranger winnings and the homepage ART!! Both well deserved...your ART is BEAUTIFUL!

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