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I've been so busy since my last post, then I realized it had been over two weeks since my last post so I figured I had better find something to show you all.

Summer vacation has come to an end here and my youngest daughter started school on Monday. So with all the running around that goes into getting a child ready for school I haven't had much time to post to my blog.

Yesterday was a fun day........if you call being without electricity for almost five hours fun. Hurricane season has blown in with a fury and we had our first storm last Monday night and all day Tuesday. Tropical Storm Fay was her name. We were expecting a category 1 hurricane but lucked out this time. The storm was nothing but rain and wind. Not much wind where we are.

There is another storm out there brewing in the Atlantic and Fay may not be done with Florida yet. The news is saying it is going to turn around and come back through Florida in the next couple of days. Where it will come ashore is anyones guess …

Mixed Media Monday Trinchies

I've had a very boring un-arty weekend so last night around 1 am I decided to check out some of the challenge blogs to see if I could find anything that might interest me.

For awhile now inchies have been big. Then came along twochies and now trinchies.
I enjoy working in alot of different sizes so when I saw that trinchie was the theme this week at the Mixed Media Monday site I grabbed up a piece of background scrap and cut it down into the proper size.

This piece came together pretty fast. Sometimes I struggle over a piece and other times a piece seems to go together surprisingly quickly. I loved it when I was done so that was a bonus as far as I am concerned.

All images and the clock transparencies are from Paper Imagery Designs.

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