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I've Been Tagged

Linda over at Purple Tomatoes tagged me. Thank you Linda.I think LOL..... Linda has had a big week in the world of Blogger because she is also a featured Artist over at Belinda's Crazy Art Girl's Musings. Go check it out.

This is my first tag and it looks like a hard one. I'm suppose to list 6 weird or interesting things about myself. I might have a hard time coming up with six things but I'll try. Then after I list 6 things about myself I have to find another six people to tag.

Here are the official rules taken from Linda's blog: list six weird/interesting things about yourself and then tag a further six bloggers (by going to their blogs and telling them to check out your blog post related to this) to keep the momentum going. List your six tagged bloggers at the bottom of your post.
OK let's see what I can come up with. #1 I am weird. Everyone who knows me thinks I am weird. Why do they think I am weird you ask. Well just because I do things like make paper from p…

I Love Making Backgrounds

I've come to the conclusion that I love making backgrounds! Making the background is my favorite part of a project. All of the things I have been working on lately have been swaps that I have joined on my various Yahoo groups. The above picture is of my backgrounds for the 3 x 3 swap that Belinda is hosting on her CollageComposition group. I am happy with the backgrounds. I LOVE the backgrounds........... but now I don't know how to finish them off. It's after I have a background made that the problems set in for me when I am working on a swap. Am I having a " PROBLEM?" Or could it be FEAR? I've noticed that I only have this PROBLEM when I am making something for a swap . Am I having PROBLEMS because my artwork will be judged by someone else when I am particatipating in a swap? Could it be because I know it will not be just one person that will be judging me? It could be a dozen or more people judging my artistic ability in each swap. ARTISTIC........... There…

Hailey's Banner

Well this is a first for me. Two posts to my blog in one day......eer well night. I was visiting ArtsyMama's blog and saw her pictures of the cute little dress wall hangings she has made to sell in her Junk Bonaza booth and remembered this banner that I made for my little granddaughter Hailey's bedroom. I had meant to post a picture awhile back when I made it but I forgot. So here it is. The picture isn't very clear. The pink background of the wall did not get along very well with my flash. Hailey turned one year old yesterday! Happy Birthday Grammy's girl!
Today I finished putting together my charm bracelet with the charms I received in the Artysdoll charm swap I participated in a few months ago. A big thank you to Kelly Parker for hosting this great swap. I used seven of my favorite charms from the swap and then added bead dangles and a few of my own charms to finish off the bracelet. The chain I found at my local Joann's. I have plenty of charms left over and can probably make at least 4 more bracelets if that's what I use them for. If you go back to my blog post from May you can see the rest of the charms I received in the swap.