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Kewpie ATC

Here is a cute little Kewpie ATC I made the other night. I started out trying to make something for the Paper Imagery Designs weekly challenge. The theme was Summer colors but for some reason my mind forgot the color part while I was making this atc.
The background is a pre printed atc background from sheet # 770 Spring Kids  The little Kewpie is from the Kewpie sheet. Can you tell what her little bikini is made from??
Yes No Maybe so?? Well it was a tiny little butterfly from the same sheet as the background.

Wear Me PID Challenage Art Quilt

It took some will and determination but I finally managed to create some art this weekend. I started on Friday and with all the stops and starts I had to do what with taking care of the family and doing chores I managed to pull together this 5 X 7 mini art quilt.

The challenge on the Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group last week was Wear Me. The theme was to creat a piece of art that could be worn or was of something worn. I have been admiring the vintage shoe sheet since it made it's way to my house almost a month ago. 
I knew I had to use it in a piece of fabric art. At first I thought I would make an atc, then after I made the transfer I decided a 4 x 6 would be better. Then the more I thought about it I though you know what? I am going to do a 5 x 7. And the 5 x 7 size worked out perfect for what I had brewing around in my mind.
When I first started pulling out my stash of fabric and trims I was thinking Marie Antoinette. Pink and  frilly but as I started putting it together I deci…

Making Time For Art

Happy Mother's Day

I have been so busy for the last couple of months helping my children and tending to sick grand children that I have not had any time for myself. And I am not just talking about art stuff. Just the normal every day stuff. Like sitting and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while reading a book. I am a big reader and even though I have been reading regularly it is not the same. My time has not been stress free and I am pretty sure that is the problem.
I am also having computer issues with a second hand computer I have. That also adds stress. I can not upload any pictures at the moment.
I have got to make some time for myself. I have got to get back to creating art. Creating anything. Even if I just open a page in one of my art journals and paint a background, glue something down and maybe use a stamp or two.
So as a Mother's Day Gift to myself I am going to create something today!
On a side note....  Baby Addison is doing well. Along with being a sleepy new born her …

Introducing Miss Addison

I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful new grand daughter Addison Skye who was born on April 29th at 3:34 am by emergency c-section, a week earlier then expected. She weighed 6 lbs 9 oz  and 18 inches long.
Addison was born at All Children's Hospital in St Petersburg Florida. I started writing up a blog post on her birth and will get it posted soon. Her heart defects were not as serious as expected and heart surgery will be done by the time she is six months old.  Our family has been blessed by the many people out there praying for little Addison. It looks like our little angel does have Down's Syndrome but we are waiting for the official word from the doctors when the blood work results come back.
If you have the means to support a charity I would like to suggest the Ronald McDonald House. The next time you cruise through a McDonald's drive through please toss your change in the donation box. If not for them I would not have been able to stay with my daughter during t…