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Hand Dyeing Fabric

Pot of onion skins with fabric

My interest in hand dying things started way back in 2000 when I first started making handmade paper. It's fun to throw a handful of flowers into your pulp and watch your paper fibers turn from white to pale pink or purple depending on the type of flower you have added to your fibers.

I still make paper every year but now I am enjoying myself experimenting with natural dyes for my fabric and trims. Most arty people have probably already coffee or tea stained some paper or fabric to use in their art. Or maybe you have used walnut ink, which is also a natural dye and can be made relatively easy at home.

Lace, Muslin, Cheesecloth and Cotton Fabric dyed with onion skins

A very simple way to dye fabric yellow is to use onion skins from a yellow onion. I have read that you can also use purple onion skins but I have never tried myself.

When one ventures into the world of hand dyeing from nature and you start your search for information like I did you will find m…

Halloween Art Alert

Halloween Art!! I love my mini banner piece above. I love the way it turned out. A little dark and spooky!

Wow it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted to my blog. I have been creating a little bit here and there. Everything I have made lately has been Halloween themed. I need to make some more atc's and join some of the swaps that have been posted.

The atc below was made for Angie's window themed challenge on the Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group.Here is a little chip house board background decorated for Halloween. I love the image of this little guy! You can find him over at the Paper Imagery Designs website. Melissa has added a whole bunch of new sheets for Halloween.

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I'm a Winner

Wow I have had two lucky days this week. First I got an email letting me know that I won the Tulip Custom Dye color kit from the give away on the
I Love To Creat Blog

Here is the product description
Tulip® Custom Dye Color Kit™Even the most extreme color enthusiast will be blown away by the 150 color combinations that the Tulip® Custom Dye Color Kit™ makes possible!

This kit is going to be so much fun to play with. I love dying fabrics, lace and trims to use in my art.

Check out the I Love to Create blog to see today's Free Teen Craft Project Pretty in Pink T-Shirt made by Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter.

My second fun thing happened this morning when I was picked as the atc jackpot winner on the Paper Imagery Design's yahoo group. It so much fun to win and I can't wait until the postal carrier starts delivering the beautiful atc that were made for lasts months jackpot.

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