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Weekly Challenges & Make your elements pop technique

Do you enjoy challenges? Sometimes I do and then sometimes I don't.
One of the recent challenges I participated in on the PID yahoo group was grunge. I've never set out to make a piece of "grunge" art before but after spending some time on google I realized that some of the art I create could fit well in the grunge category.

Here is an atc I made for the grunge challenge. I recently bought a set of Gouache paints for an unbelievable price and I wanted to see how they worked. The halo of color you see around the vintage woman is made with two colors of the Gouache paint.

Here is a 4 x 4 that I made for the button themed challenge a few weeks ago.

Have you ever made a piece of art and thought to yourself that your images just fade into the background? Your happy with the background so you don't think that's the problem. So what can you do?

What I like to do is use a charcoal pencil to outline the elements of the page like I did with my button challenge 4 x 4 below.…

Gothic Arches

Boy I just realized it's been a while since I posted anything to my blog. It doesn't feel like it because I post regularly to the Paper Imagery Designs blog.Here are a couple of gothic arches that I made recently. This first one is my favorite.But these other two are not far behind.I love using cemetery angels on gothic arches. They just fit the theme so well.I hit a "garage sale" at one of my LSS and found a brand new unopened box of gouache paints. I can't wait to experiment with them. I also got a few new stamps. Hopefully I will get some time this weekend to play.Thanks for stopping by!ArleneTechnorati Tags: ,,