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Taking Flight with Kelly Rae Roberts

If your a regular reader of my blog you might have read my post here about Kelly Rae's book Taking Flight Inspiration & Techniques to give your Creative spirit Wings. I love this book. Kelly Rae speaks to my creative spirit like no other mixed media artist turned author has done before.There is a Taking Flight yahoo group for the book and starting in January we are going to work our way through the techniques as a group.If you already own the book please join the group and join in on the fun. If you don't and would like to check it out please use my link in the sidebar to go check it out.Thanks for stopping by!ArleneTechnorati Tags: ,,,

Creative Frustrations

Do you ever have a picture in your mind as your creating? You know .........where you can envision how you want a piece of art to turn out but you just can't make it happen. It's not that I don't know what I want to do. I know exactly what I want to do but can't come up with a method to make it work. Can you say FrUstRatioNHere's what's going on.for the past couple of days I have been working on a piece. I want to add some text. I don't have a stamp for the text. It is a quote I found online. I know the font I want to use. So what are my options?? I can do a transfer. I love doing transfers but I have an inkjet printer and the ink will smear.My background is acrylic paint with gesso on it. I've experimented with an inkjet transfer on some similar scraps and it is a hit or miss. The quote is 4 lines and odds are at least 2 of the lines will not come out the way I want if I attempt this type of transfer.I tried to find some rub ons at Joanns this morning.…

A Moment in Time & Daily Window Bags

A couple of days ago I teased you with a snippet of some art work I had done for the Daily Window Bags site. I wanted to give them a chance to post it to their site before I put it up on my blog.This is the Eight Days A Week BagPhoto courtesy of Daily Window BagsI love this bag. It is roomy enough for my 8 x 11 journal. Now I have no excuse. I can take it every where I go.Here is the art work. The image is Emily from Paper Imagery Designs.The second bag I designed art work for is the Systematic Success binder. This binder is perfect for carrying your supplies to a art class or even an atc swap. Check out the web site for more details on both bags.Photo courtesy of Daily Window BagsAnd here is the art work for this bag.I really enjoyed working with fabric again. Something I haven't done in awhile. The little girl image is from Paper Imagery Designs. She is a transfer to muslin. I love these images for transfers. They turn our perfect every time.The Daily Window bags are a perfect g…

29 Days of Giveaways

Christy Hydeck is having a great blog giveaway. 29 days of give aways. Be sure to check her blog out for your chance to win!Christy's BlogHere is a 5 x 7 canvas board I did a few weeks ago. I love Mona Lisa Technorati Tags: ,,,,,

Anouncing My New Etsy Shop

I have finally taken the plunge and opened an etsy shop. I will be busy for the next couple of days adding things to the shop. I will be adding some Christmas necklaces and Christmas ornaments to start. From there who knows what I will list. I do have a bunch of vintage clothing packed up. I may add some of the lingerie I have collected over the years. But for now I am starting small with the Christmas items I've been making. Then maybe I will add some art work. We will see how this goes. So if you get a chance stop by! Technorati Tags: ,,,,