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This is a piece I made yesterday. I forgot how much I like this particular shade of green until I had Sally Jean's book in my hand. It is one of my favorite colors and the book was next to me on my table as I was deciding what colors to use to make some background papers. The piece is 4 1/2 by 6 inches. Altho I had fun making atc's I feel that the small size of the work area is cramping my style. I'm going to be working on different size backgrounds to see if that works better for me.

Belinda, one of the moderators of the arttechniques group on yahoo is offering up a grab bag of goodies in a drawing to one of the members of the group that posts their favorite piece of work. I haven't posted yet because I am having a hard time deciding if this newest piece is my favorite or if my di Vinci transfer piece is, see (March blog posts). Both piece are totally different. I think I felt that feeling of satisfaction an artist gets when they are done with a piece. You know that fe…

Pretty Little Things By Sally Jean Alexander

It is not often that I buy at book at full price. Last night I ran up to the new Borders Book store just to get out of the house. I have been cooped up for 6 days straight since my kids got out of school for Spring break. So I went out with my youngest daughter Audrey to see if any new Somerset magazines had come out. I picked through the slim selection of paper crafting books and found Sally Jean's book
"Pretty Little Things". I had already put a copy on hold at my public library because to be honest money is tight and I knew I would not be able to buy the book.

After my daughter found a couple of books to look at I took Sally Jeans book and a couple of other books over to the childrens section to browse through as my daughter read the book she had choosen. I flipped through the pages of the other two books I had and quickly put them aside to look through Pretty Little Things. I fell in love with the book immediatly.

The book is one of the best craft books I have seen in…

Fabric & Bead Swap 2007

I finally finished up my ATC's for the Fabric & Bead Swap on the group ( see side bar for a link to the group ). For some reason I had a hard time coming up with something to do for this swap. The small size of the atc's is what causes my mind to go blank. I have made all kinds of quilts over the years. I have also done different crafts using fabrics but these tiny little pieces of art always seem to stump me. Thanks for stopping by!


Last night I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream I was having. It wasn't a bad dream. It was actually a good dream and I wish something like this would really happen to me.
I was dreaming that I was in a strange thrift store. It wasn’t a thrift store that I have ever been in before. Funny huh, but those of you that know me will nod your head.
I was picking through all these lovely vintage items. There were beautiful lace and ecru christening dresses from the 1800’s. There were racks of gorgeous vintage lingerie. There were cabinets full of vintage linens.
These are things I usually hunt for while out thrifting. And usually these things set my heart to fluttering but what really got my heart pounding was box upon box of vintage game pieces. Ha that’s funny isn’t it and most of you reading this are thinking YES! There were old wooden scrabble and checker pieces scratched up and dented with the lovely patina of use and old age. My arms were full as I piled on box after box. …