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Soldering Adventures

Last week I placed an order with Simply Swank for their Simply Solder Art Kit. I had read a few reviews on a couple of blogs that were filled with high praise for the kit and Melissa & Lisa the owners of Simply Swank. I have to tell you that the shipping was fast. I ordered on Thursday and the kit came in on Monday. There was a problem though. The bottle of flux leaked all over the box. I immediately emailed Melissa who had taken my order over the phone on Thursday. She sent me out a new bottle of flux right away. It's great to find a company who is selling a great product and has excellent customer service. So if you were thinking about entering the world of soldered charms I highly recommend Simply Swank.

I have never soldered and really had no idea of what was involved but I had seen so many cute soldered charms and I had also bought Sally Jean Alexanders book "Pretty Little Things" a few months back. After seeing all of Sally's beautiful creations I decided s…

I Won a Great ATC

A few weeks ago Kelsey over at ko...ok? was having a fun give away on her blog. The winner would receive a piece of her artwork. I've been a regular reader of Kelseys blog for awhile now so I knew what awesome art she creates. I would love to win a piece of her artwork so I left my comment and waited..... I did not win the original piece she had offered in her drawing but because she is so generous and giving she drew some more names. I was one of those winners so I got to pick one of her atc's. The one I picked is above. I LOVE IT! There were so many beautiful atc's to pick from but when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. She not only sent me the ATC but she also included two of her word sticker sheets. And a Moo Card with all her info on it. This is the first Moo Card I have ever seen. They are so cute. Make sure you check out her blog. She puts some great tutorials up. So THANK YOU Kelsey for the lovely ATC. I have got to figure out a way to display it where everyone…