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Go Make Something

Yesterday while I was beebopping around the internet checking out the blogs of some very talented mixed media artists I came across this site Go Make Something What a great idea I thought to myself. My artistic muse has gone into a panic attack. I have been looking at some wonderful art work between the internet blogs and a few dogeared magazines and I seem to have put my craftyness into a state of panic. I am like a deer caught in the bright headlights of an on coming car. I have never had this problem before. I have always been the one my friends called crafty. So when I came across this website I thought this is just what I need to get myself going. A very simple art project is posted each week at the website and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy ! Please check the site out if your interested.

Transparency Manipulations

Saturday while I was having a blast making homemade bread and bagels I promised to post some more of the altered art work I am busy working on. The first image is a scan of a transparency print. The transparency is laid over two stamped images on a piece of card stock. I then sewed a border of embroidary thread around the images.

When I first found the world of altered art I had read about using transparencies but because I didn't know anything about the technique I stayed away from it. Last week I started playing around with some of the vintage images I have been collecting for years.

This image I overlaid the transparency of the woman on top of a piece of scrapbook paper and added a charm. The stiching is a simple X. These stiches hold the transparency to the background paper. I am really enjoying playing around with the transparencies but I have noticed that unless I adhere the transaperncy immedietly to a piece of paper or card stock the ink will start to run or bleed. These…

Rising Bread and Other Interesting Projects

I live in S.W Florida and for those of you who live in a humid climate and enjoy baking homemade bread you know how iffy it can be to get a decent loaf of yeast bread to rise. Well today while my family was eating lunch and using the last of the store bought bread we had on hand I thought to myself I think I'll make some bread.

So I pulled out my trusty cook book, the one I bought back in the 80's when my husband and I first got together. It is a Betty Crocker Encyclopedia of Cooking. I have used this cookbook for almost 25 years and it has never failed me. I also have a 3 inch binder with recipes I have found over the years. I looked through them both and found a nice recipe for white bread in the Betty Crocker book. Next I pulled out the Kitchen Aide Artisian Mixer that my husband bought for me for Christmas of 2005. I love this mixer! This is the best Christmas gift my husband has ever bought me next to my digital camera and 35mm nikon.

After mixing up the dough and setting i…

Curious Specimen

For a couple of years now I have been playing around with the idea of altered art. Being a crafter for years I already had plenty of supplies around the house. I recently bought a copy of Someset Workshop2 and found the perfect project to start with.

"Curious Specimen" is one of many pages of altered art techniques in the newest issue of Someset Workshop magazine by artist Sandra Evertson.

Instructions, clip art and paper emhemera are included with the instructions. Scan, copy and print the elements out on your home computer.

I added a beaded charm but other wise I followed the instructions carefully.

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