Well for the past week I have been missing in action. Internet problems that were very weird. For some reason my computer just wouldn't connect to the internet. There is more to the story but it is pretty boring so........

Any who I wanted to let you all know that the membership drive for Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group only has a few days left. See my previous post for the details. Currently I am in second place for the membership drive. I need a few more people to join the group and put my name in the comment section when they join. Just add something like I saw Arlene's blog post and would like to join the group. That way I'll get credit. You can't join the group and then post that you saw my blog and joined. I won't get credit that way.

If you'd like an idea of the awesome art work that the members have been doing using PID images please check out the blog where some of the members have been chosen to showcase their art for last weeks Polka Dot Challenge.

During the month of July the real fun begins. During the month of July there will be contest and prizes galore. July is the official Grand Opening of Paper Imagery Designs website and Lori & Melissa have some fun things in store for the members of the yahoo group. And that's the only way you can win any great prizes is if you join the yahoo group. Here is a little excerpt from a sneak preview of the contest...

July 1, 2008 will begin our Official Grand Opening MONTH! We have many many prizes that will be giving away. These prizes are not only collage sheets but other products that we have received. The drawings of these prizes will be randomly drawn from our membership through out the month of JULY. These prizes are only for the members of the PAPER IMAGERY DESIGNS YAHOO GROUP. Estimated value of the prizes is over $300.00 (could grow even more)!!! The prize packages will be a minimum of $30 (maybe more) each spread too many members of our group and you can only win once!

Currently there is a weekly challenge posted. If you don't have any PID image sheets yet then their are a couple of free images in the file section so you can join in on the fun! There is also a mini bird house mingle. Buy a small wooden bird house. Joann's + Michaels has them for $1. Decorate it and make it pretty and join the mingle.

The image above is something I made using one of the inchies I made awhile back. The image is from one of PID's inchie sheets .
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