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Inspired By Me

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Painting Fabric and Making Fabric Books

I haven't had a chance to do much art since my tie dying with the kids weeks ago. Yesterday I picked up a yard of canvas. 
I have been wanting to do a simple book made of painted canvas and after reading something from Somerset the other night I found my inspiration. Not sure if I can find a link to share but Somerset made available a special online version for their facebook fans. Ah here is a link on Jane Eileen's blog.
The article I was interested in was written by Jane Eileen and previously published in the Summer 09 Sew Somerset.

I've had a chance to throw some paint on the canvas pieces. Now I hope I can find the time to alter the pages and put the book together.
This project should work out good for me since there is not alot of assembly required when it comes to binding the book.  Wish me luck! There is a lot of craziness going on around here with the kids home and my niece visiting from Georgia!