aRtisTiC FuNK

This past week I have been in a funk, artistically. Why does this happen I wonder? There has been talk of this very subject on a couple of my groups this past week. Has that talk weaved it's way into my subconsciousness and affected my mind set? I'm not sure if that chat is the culprit or not. But i do believe the negative or positive energy around you can affect you.

One of the ways I tried to lift myself out of one of these funks is to work on some backgrounds.

Sometimes I work on a full 140 lb 9 x 12 sheet of water color paper. That is what I use for most all of my backgrounds. As I work on this large piece I know when I cut it down into atc or 4 x 4 size I will be surprised where my random elements will end up in this smaller background size.

Lately I have found myself working on individual atc backgrounds instead of the full sheet of wc paper. This is a fun way to create a background also. The above atc backgrounds were made yesterday. I picked up a new set of clear stamps and decided to just play around with the stamps on a background technique that I have been working on.

The turquoise one if my favorite. On the middle one I used red oxide. I think it would look much better with a lighter shade of color then what I have here. And usually green is my favorite but the green paint I used on the stamp was a cheaper brand of paint then the other too and in this case I will have to say price does matter.

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Oh I so know what you mean!! It's great to read what you do for it. I'm not too sure what I do anymore........sometimes it can be days and days and I will start something and toss it aside. I cut a lot of!
Heidi said…
Love the background paper you made! Very creative and pretty!
Have a great 4th!!
Carole said…
I like them all, but the middle one is my favorite.

That funk hit me hard. I was down for months. I just sat and stared at my supplies and did nothing.....Getting involved in the online challenges helped a lot!

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