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The Reality of Life

The reality of life. Four little words that can carry such a heavy load for so many people today. I have made it a point over the years to only write about art related things on my blog. I am a private person. Only my closest friends and family know my personal business. And to be honest holding back has made me feel like a fraud some of the time. Because even though I am a private person if you know me and I think of you as a close friend I do not hold anything back. I am one of those people who is straight to the point and tell it like it is.
My art or as I used to call it my crafting was what has kept me out of the insane asylum. It didn't start out that way. I was just crafty and whatever craft I was interested in I did. I taught myself just by reading books and magazines because back when I started there was no internet. I would go to the library and check books out and learn that way.
Four or five years ago when I found mixed media things started to go bad for my family. I can…

Art Quilt with Dyed Fabric

Here is an art quilt I made for Paper Imagery Designs January Newsletter. I figured after all of my dyed fabric posts I should probably share what I do with the fabric I dye. The size of the quilt is 8 X 8.  All of the fabric I used had been dyed or distressed with coffee or tea.
The PID image was transfered onto a piece of tea dyed muslin. If you would like to see instructions on how I made this art quilt visit the PID Blog
Thanks for stopping by! Arlene

Valentine Art & More Natural Dyes

I love this little kewpie image from Paper Imagery Designs. The kewpie images can be used for almost any theme. 
I have some new PID images to play with and I managed to find some time to create a couple of small pieces of art. My arty time is very limited these days. I am helping with my two young granddaughters during the day. One is 7 months old so all of you mothers out there know how hard it is to do anything when babies are this young.
Here is a 4 x 4 I made
And here is an atc to I made for the PID weekly challenge

And for all of my readers that are enjoying my natural dye experiments I am dying some fabric using an herbal tea. This first batch of fabric has not been treated with a mordant. After it soaks for a couple of days I am going to dye another batch of fabric with the same jar of liquid using material that has been treated with alum as the mordant. 

I am hoping to get a real dingy vintage looking maroon but the fun part of these experiments is that you never really know what …