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Soldered Charms

Back in September I got a soldering kit for my birthday. I had planned on making Christmas Ornaments but for one reason or another never got around to making them. It's probably a good thing because soldering is not something you master in one day. I haven't had a chance to practice since I bought the kit so this past weekend I decided I would drag out my soldering suitcase as Sally Jean would say and get to work.

My good friend Heidi over at Everyday Cookies At Sweet Woodruff Acres was the first person to solder some scrabble tiles. Hers turned out so great that I wanted to try my hand at making some scrabble charms myself.

If you get a chance to hop on over to Heidi's blog. She's posted some beautiful Valentine's stuff she has been working on.

Below are the charms I made. As you can see I have not got the hang of attaching the jump rings correctly. I am going to have to practice some more and figure out how to get those tiny little jump rings centered.

And even thoug…

Gothic Arches

Gothic Arches are floating all over the internet these days. My arches were made for a weekly challenge on Belinda's Mixed Media Art yahoogroup.
As I was searching the internet just to see what other artists had done with an arch template I came across a couple of blogs that were participating in a weekly Gothic Arch Challenge. Here is a blog where you can find the details
I also came across Belinda Sneider's page on a gothic arch book she and some her friends made using a new set of stamps. Check it out to read the details.

Here is a before and after shot of my gothic arch. I really love this image and if you participated in Belinda's 3 x 3 swap a few months ago you may have recieved one of my 3x3's with this image or a similar image.
When I was done I was happy with my arch but felt it needed a little something else. So I used a graphite pencil to outline the images and smudged it up. I'm not sure which way I liked it better. Here i…