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Tie Dye Fun

Last weekend I finally had a chance to pull out the Tulip Custom Dyeing Kit that I won on the Blog way back in September of last year. I am embaressed that it has taken me this long to get around to trying it out but this past year has been a very hectic and busy one for me
I do all sorts of projects with my 12 year old daughter all the time. My 7 year old niece Rylee is visiting from Georgia. She doesn't get to do much in the crafting department so I knew I had to try this kit out while she was here.
Over the past couple of months I have been collecting supplies for one big day of dying. I used mostly recycled shirts. Some of them were bought at the local Goodwill and believe it or not I actually found some at the Dollar Tree. I am assuming that the shirts from the Dollar Tree were seconds but I have not found a thing wrong with them.
I also bought some onsies for the two babies in the family.

About a month ago I bought a Fashion Tie Dye kit on clearance at Target…

Altered Bottle Caps

Altered Bottle Caps for a PID swap
I got these bottle caps done along with some altered match boxes for another swap on the PID Facebook page.

I am putting the final touches on the match boxes and then I have to find some goodies to stuff them with.
Then off to the post office they go!

Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team Crusade # 41

Life has been crazy for me lately. I am finding it very hard to find time for art these days.  And it is a little frustrating to me. It is amazing how a persons life can change so much in less then one year.

It's not that I don't have any ideas or inspiration. It's that I can't seem to find the time to start a project, have it lay out on my table and work on it until I am done. I have been helping out with my grand children as some of you might know already. You can read here about the newest grand daughter Addison who was born in April with some health problems.

  My other grand daughter is eleven months old and starting to walk. Hailey is Addison's big sister and will be 4 in a couple of months. I didn't realize how much work being a Grammy was going to be LOL.

  So when I saw Michelle Wards GPP Team Crusade # 41 Grid Lock for the month of June I knew I had to do it.. Check out the link above to find out about this and all the other Crusades Michelle has pos…

Altered Bottle Caps

Here is a little sneak peek of some altered bottle caps I am working on for a swap on the Paper Imagery Designs Ning site.

The bottle caps are recycled and colored with Alcohol Inks. Little circles of dictionary pages are glued into the center of the cap.
I can't show the finished product cause I don't wanna ruin the surprise for the rest of the swappers. Well they are still wet and drying any way.

Where did all the Arty Blogs go?

If your like me and subscribe to your favorite artists blog posts you may be wondering where some of your favorite blogs you read have gone.
I know I was until this morning that is.
I read my favorite blogs through FeedBlitz. They come to me in my email. I don't use a blog reader although friends have told me that is the way they read their blogs but I would rather just check my email then have to go sign into another website to find them all. And there are a lot of blogs I subscribe too.
So this morning I was subscribing to another blog and decided to check out my subscribtions to see if all was well in the land of blogs.
What did I find? Well I found that some of my favorite blog post were not coming to me in my email. With FeedBlitz the only way to find this out is to go to your subscription page and make sure there is a little green dot next to each subscription. If there is a problem you will find a red dot.

I figured out what the problem was by searching for those blogs on Google…