Hailey's Banner

Well this is a first for me. Two posts to my blog in one day......eer well night. I was visiting ArtsyMama's blog and saw her pictures of the cute little dress wall hangings she has made to sell in her Junk Bonaza booth and remembered this banner that I made for my little granddaughter Hailey's bedroom. I had meant to post a picture awhile back when I made it but I forgot. So here it is.
The picture isn't very clear. The pink background of the wall did not get along very well with my flash.
Hailey turned one year old yesterday! Happy Birthday Grammy's girl!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to your little Hailey!

I tried cutting a stamp today. LOL Quite a mess, but I managed to get one that says "Dream". I think I need a lot of practice! I'll post later my dream, the stamp did turn out! Thanks for your help!
Anonymous said…
This is so darling...love those little dresses :o)

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