I Love Making Backgrounds

I've come to the conclusion that I love making backgrounds! Making the background is my favorite part of a project.
All of the things I have been working on lately have been swaps that I have joined on my various Yahoo groups. The above picture is of my backgrounds for the 3 x 3 swap that Belinda is hosting on her CollageComposition group. I am happy with the backgrounds. I LOVE the backgrounds........... but now I don't know how to finish them off.
It's after I have a background made that the problems set in for me when I am working on a swap. Am I having a " PROBLEM?" Or could it be FEAR? I've noticed that I only have this PROBLEM when I am making something for a swap .
Am I having PROBLEMS because my artwork will be judged by someone else when I am particatipating in a swap? Could it be because I know it will not be just one person that will be judging me? It could be a dozen or more people judging my artistic ability in each swap. ARTISTIC........... There I've said it.
I've had a hard time calling what I do ART. When ever I mention what I am doing I have a habit of using the word CRAFT.
I have no problem coming up with an idea for a background when I start a project but I am finding it very difficult to add my focal image to complete a piece that is for a swap. This only seems to happen to me when I am working on a swap. If I am making a piece just because I come up with an idea and just go with it I know what my focal image is going to be and then I come up with a background to complement it. Or at least I hope the complete piece works as a whole.
Maybe I am going about things the wrong way? Should I pick my focal image first? Before I come up with a background? I'm not sure there is a right or wrong way to do this. I guess this is something I am going to have to figure out on my ARTISTIC journey.
Now I think I will torture my ARTISTIC soul and join Belinda's Skinny Book Swap in her ArtTechnique group. Twelve 4 x 8 pages will probably push me over the edge but it is sooooo much FUN!


Anonymous said…
You’ve been tagged…Please visit this post


for more details. Love the backgrounds, BTW. I also love making the backgrounds more than the rest of the piece. :-)
Linda Jo said…
Thanks sooo much, Arlene! NOT! ha I got it done tho.....It's just hard to come up with anything weird about me.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE these backgrounds! Have you got a tutorial on how you made them? I want to get this good!
Anonymous said…
These backgrounds are gorgeous. I love doing backgrounds the most also. If my background doesn't feel right then I can't move on with the piece. Can't wait to see those skinny book pages :o)

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