I've Been Tagged

Linda over at Purple Tomatoes tagged me. Thank you Linda.I think LOL..... Linda has had a big week in the world of Blogger because she is also a featured Artist over at Belinda's Crazy Art Girl's Musings. Go check it out.

This is my first tag and it looks like a hard one. I'm suppose to list 6 weird or interesting things about myself. I might have a hard time coming up with six things but I'll try. Then after I list 6 things about myself I have to find another six people to tag.

Here are the official rules taken from Linda's blog: list six weird/interesting things about yourself and then tag a further six bloggers (by going to their blogs and telling them to check out your blog post related to this) to keep the momentum going. List your six tagged bloggers at the bottom of your post.

OK let's see what I can come up with.
#1 I am weird. Everyone who knows me thinks I am weird. Why do they think I am weird you ask. Well just because I do things like make paper from plants growing in my yard. Most of you are probably thinking well that's not weird. How can making paper be weird? Well for those of you who have never made handmade paper from plant fibers you have no idea what you must do to get those green stems and stalks turned into a sheet of paper. Picture a witch stirring her cauldron full of witches brew. Here I am with one of those big canning pots boiling little pieces of whatever plant I might be cooking. It stinks and my husband has banned me from cooking any plant matter in the house. And that's just step two in turning plant matter into handmade paper.
#2 Interesting~~~ I have always wanted to be a writer. Way back when I was a teenager I used to write stories in a notebook. I don't know what happened to those notebooks.. For the past 4 years I have participated in Nanowrimo. The idea of Nanowrimo is to write a rough draft novella of at least 50 thousand words in 30 days. You are to write, write and write. Not read anything you write and definitely not delete anything you write even if is is nothing but crap. It's to get your writing juices flowing. And to write a first draft knowing that you will have to edit and rewrite to get something that is publishable.I am proud to say that all 4 years I participated I wrote 50 thousand words or more. No I never got published but for me the challenge was in making the goal of 50 thousand words and not so much to be published. But it would have been nice if I did get published but there is much work to be done in rewrites and editing. Maybe one day.
#3 Weird ~ I love to eat tomato sandwiches. Linda I have never had a purple one Sorry. Matter of fact I have never seen a purple tomatoes sold here.
Alright I am half way done
#4 Weird & Strange~~~ At least once a week wild hogs get into my garbage cans. Yep that's right I said wild hogs. I live out in the country and wild hogs are very bad here. The farmers actually pay people to come get them off their farms because they dig up the soil and ruin their crops. There is a family of hogs that consist of one mother and her 4 piglets. The first time I caught her knocking over the cans I about peed myself. Our dogs were carrying on something awful late one night. I was the only one up because I was sitting on my computer looking at artsy blogs and heard the dogs barking. So I go over to the living room window and peek out and watched as this huge hog that weighed about 100 pounds was knocking about three full garbage cans around and throwing the trash all over my front yard. The mother hog was actually throwing the plastic garbage bags around ripping them open. I tried to get a picture because I knew my husband and 16 yr old son would not believe me but my flash reflected off the window and you couldn't see anything much. So I got brave. The hogs were only about 15 foot from my front door and I cracked it open and slipped my hand out with the camera. That's when I heard mama hog snorting and almost peed my pants.
# 5 another Weird Hog story~~~ Like I said earlier wild hogs are bad here. For about two weeks my husband ( about a year ago ), who doesn't sleep very well told us that there was a big boar hog coming into the yard and to be careful if we went outside at night. Since I live in the country there are no lights except the moon and my 60 watt light on my front porch. A boar hog is a male hog and if you have ever seen any pictures of boar hogs you will know that they have these deadly tusks which curl up and around the top of their jaw. I could probably find a picture but they are really ugly so I won't muck up my blog with one of them LOL. They use those tusks to defend themselves and they can kill a grown man if they attack. Well any way one weekend my oldest daughter was over for dinner and a few of her girlfriends came by also. Her friend Crystal drives an SUV and she goes out to leave and about 5 minutes later the phone rings. Crystal called to tell us that the boar hog chased her into her truck and as she was driving ( more like roaring away ) the hog actually rammed the bumper of her truck.
#6 See #1, #4 and #5......This is why most people who know me think I am weird because I live out in the country, where there isn't much country left and have to do battle with wild hogs, poisonous snakes and alligators. Yes I have more stories about the wild beasts I live amongst out in the country/swamp but I'll save them for another day.
I made this cute little " I've Been Tagged " image at the top of this post from a piece of my artwork. Anyone who gets tagged is free to use it on their "Tagged" post if they'd like.
I'm not sure what the proper tagging netiquette is but if I have tagged you it's because I read your blog, admire your art or know you from one of my groups.
And the six lucky bloggers I will tag are.......... Linda Jo At Linda Jo's Obsessions , The ArtfulMama , Heidi at Everyday Cookies , Audrey at Small Creations , Into The Blystic and Aileen at Aileen's Musings


Anonymous said…
Great graphic! And I just love your stories. Also, thanks so much for mentioning my "interview" on altered belly. It has been a busy week for me. :-)
June said…
Wonderful artwork! I have made altered books and a few other altered objects. It's so rewarding. I've never really got into artist trading cards though. Yet, anyway.
Anonymous said…
I adore the 'tagged' piece you created. It is so pretty. I was tagged with the 6 weird things awhile ago but thanks for thinking of me :o) Wish I could think of 6 more weird things to play again. Loved reading your list and noticed in your profile that you also live in FL so when you kept mentioning the country I was curious as to where in FL. I live in FL but in the city and we get snakes, possums(yuk) and raccoons. By the way, I was giggling when I read the part of you sticking the camera out the door to get a pic, too funny :o)

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