Last night I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream I was having. It wasn't a bad dream. It was actually a good dream and I wish something like this would really happen to me.
I was dreaming that I was in a strange thrift store. It wasn’t a thrift store that I have ever been in before. Funny huh, but those of you that know me will nod your head.
I was picking through all these lovely vintage items. There were beautiful lace and ecru christening dresses from the 1800’s. There were racks of gorgeous vintage lingerie. There were cabinets full of vintage linens.
These are things I usually hunt for while out thrifting. And usually these things set my heart to fluttering but what really got my heart pounding was box upon box of vintage game pieces. Ha that’s funny isn’t it and most of you reading this are thinking YES! There were old wooden scrabble and checker pieces scratched up and dented with the lovely patina of use and old age. My arms were full as I piled on box after box. I couldn’t carry anymore and there were no shopping carts to be had in this crowded shop. OH NO!
I’ve been a “collector” all of my life. And I’ve always wondered why I have saved things. A pretty button, a piece of vintage lace, or pretty brass drawer pulls. These items are scatter all through my house in boxes, storage tubs and drawers.
I know there is a reason and I have yet to find it but I have an idea of why I have been doing this all of my life.
This morning I came across a post on Michael deMeng’s blog. It’s a great story about how one artist grew up with her artist parents who had visited deMeng when she was a child. I wish that had been the case with me, maybe I wouldn’t be struggling, trying to create something that is pleasing to me, but there wasn’t a scrap of an artistic bone in anyone in my family. I never saw my mother paint anything, except a wall in white during my childhood.
I wonder if the reason I have been collecting things all of my life is because I have a need to create something with the items I have collected. Could assemblage art be what I have been meant to do all of my life? I’m not sure. I have barely started creating altered art. I think the art work of deMeng and other artist like him is amazing. If I could create something half as good I might be satisfied. Maybe………..


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