This is a piece I made yesterday. I forgot how much I like this particular shade of green until I had Sally Jean's book in my hand. It is one of my favorite colors and the book was next to me on my table as I was deciding what colors to use to make some background papers. The piece is 4 1/2 by 6 inches. Altho I had fun making atc's I feel that the small size of the work area is cramping my style. I'm going to be working on different size backgrounds to see if that works better for me.

Belinda, one of the moderators of the arttechniques group on yahoo is offering up a grab bag of goodies in a drawing to one of the members of the group that posts their favorite piece of work. I haven't posted yet because I am having a hard time deciding if this newest piece is my favorite or if my di Vinci transfer piece is, see (March blog posts). Both piece are totally different. I think I felt that feeling of satisfaction an artist gets when they are done with a piece. You know that feeling. The one where you step back from a piece and look at it. Then say YES, that's it, its perfect. I had that feeling when I finished the da Vinci piece. I'm sure you as an artist know exactly what I mean.

I still need to find a hanger for the da Vinci piece before I can display it. I know I have a perfect piece of brown crushed velvet ribbon somewhere around here in my stash of vintage lace and ribbons. Now I just have to find it.


Hey Arlene - That IS beautiful! I love the combination of materials you used - you did a wonderful job! I also love Sally Jean's book - it's so full of great things. You definitely share her sense of style and talent!
Anonymous said…
oh i love that!!! have you found your brown ribbon?

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