Wear Me PID Challenage Art Quilt

It took some will and determination but I finally managed to create some art this weekend. I started on Friday and with all the stops and starts I had to do what with taking care of the family and doing chores I managed to pull together this 5 X 7 mini art quilt.

The challenge on the Paper Imagery Designs yahoo group last week was Wear Me. The theme was to creat a piece of art that could be worn or was of something worn. I have been admiring the vintage shoe sheet since it made it's way to my house almost a month ago. 

I knew I had to use it in a piece of fabric art. At first I thought I would make an atc, then after I made the transfer I decided a 4 x 6 would be better. Then the more I thought about it I though you know what? I am going to do a 5 x 7. And the 5 x 7 size worked out perfect for what I had brewing around in my mind.

When I first started pulling out my stash of fabric and trims I was thinking Marie Antoinette. Pink and  frilly but as I started putting it together I decided to tone it down a bit. I love the way it turned out because it is not so over the top and I wanted the shoe transfer to be the focal image. Too much lace would have taken away from the fabric transfer of the shoe.

So what do you think?



Anonymous said…
beautiful!!!! hang it in addison's room!!!
Unknown said…
Wow! It's darling! I love that you use fabric as a medium. I might have to experiment with some.

Thanks for following me on BlogFrog!
Veronica Lee said…

I'm a new follower of your awesome blog.

Have a nice day!
Unknown said…
Awesome. I'm also a new follower and I can't wait to see more of your work.

Yolie said…
This is absolutely gorgeous. yes, definitely a fine piece of artwork. LOVE IT

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