Making Time For Art

Happy Mother's Day

I have been so busy for the last couple of months helping my children and tending to sick grand children that I have not had any time for myself. And I am not just talking about art stuff. Just the normal every day stuff. Like sitting and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while reading a book. I am a big reader and even though I have been reading regularly it is not the same. My time has not been stress free and I am pretty sure that is the problem.

I am also having computer issues with a second hand computer I have. That also adds stress. I can not upload any pictures at the moment.

I have got to make some time for myself. I have got to get back to creating art. Creating anything. Even if I just open a page in one of my art journals and paint a background, glue something down and maybe use a stamp or two.

So as a Mother's Day Gift to myself I am going to create something today!

On a side note....  Baby Addison is doing well. Along with being a sleepy new born her medical issues cause her to tire easily. This was explained to my daughter at the hospital before she brought the baby home. So there is alot of anxiety about waking her up and making sure she is eating enough each day. Other then that and a little jaundice she is doing great!

Thanks for stopping by!


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