Dayle and her 4x4 Fat Book Page

A couple of posts back you might remember my mention of the Paper Imagery Designs Image sheets made up of images designed by the design team. You can read that post here and find a link directly to the images sheets there also.

Well today Dayle posted some of her 4x4 fatbook pages for our swap and what did I see???

Dayle used one of my images from the Design Team Sheet. Here is a picture of the 4x4 page she made using it.


fat book

Her 4x4 pages are beautiful! And look how sweet my image looks on top of her technique. Thank you Dayle!




Unknown said…
Yes, that's so cute. I bought 2 little children's books made with hard something like chipboard so I'm gonna gesso over and make it a journal book..of sorts..It could be a Fat Book, right?

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