Daily Window Designer Challenge

Do you remember a while back when I did some art for the Daily Window Bag company? When I went back to find this post I realized it had been almost two years. I couldn't believe it had been that long ago. And ya know what? I had been using my bag up until a couple of months ago. And the bag is still in perfect shape.

So the wonderful people at Daily Window have contacted me and would love for my readers to take part in an upcoming challenge this month.

The name of the challenge is:

Using art to personalize your Daily Window Bags

Before we go any further let me tell you what the prizes are because when you hear this I know you are going to want to send in some art work.
The first place winner will recieve $100 and a Daily Window personalizable bag

5 runners up will receive a Free Daily Window personalizable bag. 
If you haven't heard about the awesome Daily Window Bags yet your probably wondering what a personalizable bag is so go check out the Daily Window site now so you can see what a great prize this really is and understand how your mixed media art background will be used.

Now what do you have to do? you are probably wondering by now. Easy peasy since most of you who read my blog are artists yourself........ this will be a breeze.

Create an original  mixed-media background card (or cards) for our customers to personalize and share in their Daily Window Bags.  If chosen your card/s will be featured in the “artist gallery”

All you have to do is create a mixed media background size  5 3/8 x 7  7/8 inches. file size 300 dpi  

The background must be this size. This size is the size background that fits into the Daily Window  bags.

When and if your background art is uploaded to the Artist Gallery it will be used as a down loadable and printable greeting card/cards that can be personalized at the I Love To Inspire site. 

These cards fit into the window of the bags.

Important Information!
You will still own the rights to any art work you send in for the contest. Also you can even send in a piece of art for this contest if it has been published somewhere else. How cool is that!

Please take a minute to check out some of the art work that is already on the I love To Inspire site so you can get an idea of what Daily Window is looking for.

Please be sure that an area of the background will be able to have personalized text added.

Keep an eye out for more detailed information on this contest. I will be posting the hard core details soon.


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