Where did all the Arty Blogs go?

If your like me and subscribe to your favorite artists blog posts you may be wondering where some of your favorite blogs you read have gone.

I know I was until this morning that is.

I read my favorite blogs through FeedBlitz. They come to me in my email. I don't use a blog reader although friends have told me that is the way they read their blogs but I would rather just check my email then have to go sign into another website to find them all. And there are a lot of blogs I subscribe too.

So this morning I was subscribing to another blog and decided to check out my subscribtions to see if all was well in the land of blogs.

What did I find? Well I found that some of my favorite blog post were not coming to me in my email. With FeedBlitz the only way to find this out is to go to your subscription page and make sure there is a little green dot next to each subscription. If there is a problem you will find a red dot.

I figured out what the problem was by searching for those blogs on Google. I found that four of my favorite artists have apparently bought their domain name and that changed their blog address.

So if you have been wondering what has happened to some of the blogs you normally read go and check their site out to see if they have changed their blog address and resubscribe to their blog feeds again. That should fix the problem and you won't miss out on anything anymore.


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