Time Flies and an Update on Baby Addison

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to email or leave a comment about the up coming birth of my third grand child Addison who has three heart defects and who may have down syndrome . You have no idea how much the support means to me. Especially from those of you who have been blessed with a child with Down Syndrome yourself and have taken the time to let me know that you do indeed believe that you were blessed having this child in your life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

These beautiful family portraits were done by Mick Luvin Photography of Naples Florida. Please check out her portfolio if your in the area. She does beautiful work.

The day of Addisons birth is almost here. Two weeks from today is the scheduled c-section at the Children's Hospital in St Petersburg. The freak out and stress level is very high. Megan my daughter has been having contractions. If this were only a regular pregnancy that would be great. All we would have to worry about was driving to the hospital. But because of the babies problems if we have to go to the local hospital before May 5th my daughter will be taking a trip in a helicopter to the Children's Hospital which is about 2 1/ 2 hours away. The baby must be born at the Children's Hospital. The local hospitals are not equipped to deal with the heart problems.
If Megan has to go by helicopter she will have to go alone and will be alone while she delivers by c-section. There is no way we can possibly get to the hospital before the delivery since we will have to drive and it takes about  2 1/2 hours by car.

At the last visit with the specialist they told Megan the one heart problem was getting worse and that they would be doing surgery to put a stint in when the baby is delivered. I was actually hoping for the first surgery to happen after delivery because Megan will be recovering from her c-section and wouldn't have as much time to stress over the babies surgery. The baby is small, only weighing 5 pounds at the last ultra sound. We have small babies in this family. My biggest baby was Megan who only weight a bit over 7 pounds.

We have still not figured out who will be taking care of the other two grand babies that I watch while I am in St Pete with Megan. And also my 12 yr daughter will need to be picked up and dropped off at school as she is not a bus rider.

I am sure we will figure it all out by the time we need to, if not we will just take it a day at a time and every thing will be fine!



Unknown said…
Godspeed to you. It will all work out. Just hang in there and continue to be brave and courageous.
Anonymous said…
it will all be fine. somehow it'll be fine hugs~
Arlene, you will love this special little person so very much, and i know it will be hard at times, but you know God only picks special people to have these Angels.
My Angel will be 38 next month,not bad for a little guy the doctors said would not live to be 2 years old, he is so Adorable, so funny, so gentle, and we have battled with all the things that are just part of the Syndrome, and can't imagine our lives without him.
You are a Wonderful family and will all get through this, and just remember, it's okay to have a little weep now and then.
My thought are with you all...
Carilyn and Travis.

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