Valentine Art & More Natural Dyes

I love this little kewpie image from Paper Imagery Designs. The kewpie images can be used for almost any theme. 

I have some new PID images to play with and I managed to find some time to create a couple of small pieces of art. My arty time is very limited these days. I am helping with my two young granddaughters during the day. One is 7 months old so all of you mothers out there know how hard it is to do anything when babies are this young.

Here is a 4 x 4 I made

And here is an atc to I made for the PID weekly challenge

And for all of my readers that are enjoying my natural dye experiments I am dying some fabric using an herbal tea. This first batch of fabric has not been treated with a mordant. After it soaks for a couple of days I am going to dye another batch of fabric with the same jar of liquid using material that has been treated with alum as the mordant. 


I am hoping to get a real dingy vintage looking maroon but the fun part of these experiments is that you never really know what your material is going to look like until it has soaked and you dry it. I may have to over dye with some oak leaf dye to get that dingy look I am hoping for.
Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said…
oh stop using the art words on me! you know i am limited! :) but i support your creativity all the way!!
Shar B said…
Wow! Beautiful pieces!

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