Art Quilts

Last night right before dinner I decided I felt like sewing something. So on the spur of the moment I threw this little art quilt together. I had the background square sewn together already so when I say I threw it together it is just the flower motif and the border work that I threw together. I also did all of the free motion quilting last night.

All of the fabric, lace, trims, cheese cloth and muslin are hand dyed.

I have a couple of zip lock bags stuffed full of a few colors of dyed fabric + trims so it was very easy for me to just pick through the bags to find pieces that I liked.




I probably should have made the flower stems a little narrower but I love the way it turned out.

Below is the entire piece. It is 8 x 8. The color is a little dark in this picture but the top pic shows the true colors of the piece.




Thanks for stopping by!




Oh I love this!!! I've been working on a doll quilt for hours. Time to do some fabric art tomorrow... Marva
Julie H said…
Just Stunning - what amazing colours and so textural.
JoAnnR said…
Your Postcard is beautiful. The textures and colors are great.
Unknown said…
I love purple and green together. Following you back!

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