International Charm Day Give Away

Sorry everyone I meant to get this posted last night but I am dealing with a sick child. I just got back from the doctors and the pharmacy. So I am extending the giveaway an extra day!

I am happy to be a part of the first International Charm Day hosted by Amber Dawn. Check out the blog to find more Charming goodies
International Charm Day 2009

At first I thought I would just post some pictures of charms that I have made in the past. And then I got to thinking what fun is that? So yesterday afternoon I sat down and made these charms for this giveaway.

The give away is for ten vintage button charms that I made just for this give away. The charms are pictured above. ( The chain or the vase is not included in the give away )

So here are the details. My giveaway will run from Tuesday April 28th to Saturday May 2nd. There are a number of ways to get your name in the hat.

1 Leave a comment on this blog post today or the blog post tomorrow.

2 You'll get another chance added if you blog about it and link back here to my blog. ( Leave another comment with a link to your blog )

3 Want another chance? Tweet about it on Twitter with a link to my blog.

What you don't Twitter? Then if your a Facebook user post an update with my link. Add me as a friend ( Arlene Mobley ) and leave another comment here.

4 If your on both Facebook and Twitter and you link to my giveaway you will earn 2 chances to win just let me know.

5 Follow my blog and you'll get another chance.

There you go folks five easy ways to get 5 chances to win my giveaway.

The give away is open to everyone!

Make sure I have a way to contact you! If your email is not on your blog then put it with your comment.

The winner has three days to reply to the winners notification email. If I don't hear back from you I will pick another winner.

Good luck everyone! I will post the winners name on Monday and send them an email.



I love your vintage button charms. Thanks for celebrating International Charm Day and a chance to win a lovely charm.

Anonymous said…
Of course I'd love a chance! I already mentioned your blog on mine, and I'll come back with the link.
I've got you linked up on my blog to help spread the word.

I have signed up to follow your blog.

Anonymous said…
Here's the link to my mention of your charm giveaway:
Joanie Hoffman said…
what a great giveaway, these charms are such fun!
count me in please.
happy days,
Ann said…
oh, me,me,me...make sure to enter ME!!!! I'd love a chance to win one!! They are beautiful!
I will post on my blog and attempt to link.
~Tracy~ said…
I hope your dear child feels better soon ! I know I drop everything too whenever my family isn't well.

Your charms are very lovely, I like the mop shine. They would make such a pretty earring and necklace set :)

If you leave a comment on my blog then you might win my whimsical playing card charm.

Take care, happy charming ! Tracy ♥
Flippinpest said…
These are brilliant, what a greaty idea! I have left my comments here hoping for a chance to win and I have also linked you on the sidebar of my blog
count me in !! I post about you on my blog !!
Anonymous said…
i would like to be entered in the giveaway :)
Anonymous said…
i tweeted !
Anonymous said…
uhmmm, you are my friend on facebook and i shared about this :)
3rdEyeMuse said…
It was well worth the wait! thank you for the opportunity to win these little wonders. :)

and here's hoping sick child has a super speedy recovery.
sharon said…
I looove these, please count me in and i'm going to post on my blog!!
sharon said…
Hi Arlene, I posted on my blog about you, with a link back!! I'm also following!!
I love your button charmes, please count me in.
Anonymous said…
I love charms and charm bracelets and charm ideas. Thanks for this opportunity.
Elizabeth in NM said…
What a fun idea--lovely charms too!
Cris Peacock said…
I'd love one of your clever button charms! You always have such great ideas--thanks for sharing them!
Marie-Aimée said…
the mention to your giveaway is on my blog :
please count me in
SueBeads said…
I'm following your blog - thanks for the giveaway!
SueBeads said…
Posted you on my blog, too!

SueBeads said…
Thanks for the nice giveaway! my blog:
How FUN !! Love the charms!! Just about to go and post to my blog ... so I'll throw in your giveaway. I'll try to get it on Twitter and facebook too!
Mel♥ said…
Arlene this is WONDERFUL!!!
Hi Arlene!! OK...signed up for your feed, gave a shout out on twitter and Facebook and my blog...

How FUN....things for a FUN contest!

Hope your little one is feeling better!!
pam ferrari said…
What a fun giveaway! I will blog you and follow you.I will work on the facebook.
Wait Just one More Bead blog
Lise said…
I wish your child will recover soon !

Thank you for your generosity !

Here is the link to my blog for a second chance :

And a link to my followers and friend on Facebook (I think it count as a 3rd chance, right ?)

Take care.
beckyais said…
I love how you combined the pearls, crystals and buttons for the charms! I don't have a blog, but I'll link to you on facebook!
Debbie said…
Your vintage button charms are, well, simply charming! I'd love a chance to win one. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Very clever use of buttons...I have some very small button I will have to try some...unless I win one that is...thanks for the inspiration and have a great Charm Day!
Cindy Is Crafty said…
The charms are lovely. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Happy International Charm Day!
Artastics said…
The use of small buttons for charms is a great and creative approach! WOW! I love buttons...Jan
Anonymous said…
Cute little charms and I'd love one!!

kjkoukla(at)hotmail (dot)com
these are great. So clever. said…
What darling, darling charms! I would love to win.
Thanks so much, Linda B.
Unknown said…
Those charms are darling. Wonderful! Thanks for the info on International Charm Day. I had no idea and how fun to look through the amazing work!
Ginny said…
What pretty charms!
Oh, I really like your button charms.

Elizabeth Libbey
jane m said…
I love buttons and your charms. I follow your blog but am in the dark ages when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and a blog of my own.
Thanks for a chance to win a great charm.
Amy B. said…
Whoops -- forgot to leave link to my e-mail address. My apologies and thanks again for the opportunity to win! Amy B.

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