International Charm Day Give Away

I've decided to host a give away tomorrow for the 1st International Charm Day celebration. Here is a sneak peak at some of the charms I made today for my giveaway. Tomorrow I will post more pictures and the charming details.

Thanks for stopping by!


yeeeeeeeees !! I do a giveaway too, if you want to participate !!
Please count me in yours !
Claire said…
Well, tomorrow is my birthday (who knew it would become International Charm Day?), so I'll participate, for sure!
Sharon said…
These are beauties, count me in! Your friend Amber got me going on these charms!!
Ilene Harris said…
Okay, yup, I want in, too.

Ilene Harris
Ann said…
ohhhh..please add me to the list!!
awesome button charms. that's so sweet of you to host a give-away for international charm day. kudos!
inventivesoul said…
Thank you for joining in on this project and for offering your art charms!

~*Happy Charm Day*~
3rdEyeMuse said…
I'll definitely be back tomorrow!

*** note to self - make sure to thank Amber for hosting such a great event ***
Marie-Aimée said…
wow !!! beautiful charms ! please count me in
paperqueen said…
Of course I want a chance to be in your giveaway!
I love your charms.
Anonymous said…
These are beautiful charms! And a brilliant new use for buttons! I might have to try these...
cr8it said…
love the charms!! Can you include me too!!
Connie said…
your charms are adorable! please include me in your giveaway, and come enter mine!
Sabii Wabii said…
this is soo much fun. Bravo to Amber for this great idea!
Please throw my name in.

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