Fabric Beads & PID 4x4 Swap

On the Yahoo group we have a couple of swaps going. One of them is a 4x4 technique/Vintage Valentine swap. I finally finished my pages. They were done  last week but I ran out of ink for my printer and it took me a couple of days to get some so I could print out my instructions for the back. Here is a picture of four of the pages. I don't want to ruin it for the players by showing all of them.



Because this was also a technique swap our decorated page needed to show the technique used. It was very hard for me to get around this and that actually slowed me down as I was trying to keep most of the technique showing. Once I got over that I really got into it.


I'm hosting an inchie charm swap on the group. Here is a picture of some charms I made a couple of weeks ago. These are not the charms for the inchie swap lol but I thought I would share them with you any way.




I'm not sure what I am going to do with these yet. CPS is hosting a charm swap. See the current issue for details. I may send these in or some other charms that I have been working on.


Belinda Spiwak is hosting a charm swap on her Mixed Media Art Friends yahoo group. I really enjoy Belinda's group. She is very laid back and there is no pressure to participate in the group or in the swaps. She's a very busy person and she knows that it can be hard to find time to do everything that comes your way. Her artwork is awesome and if you pick up the Cloth Paper Scissors current issue for info on the charms swap make sure you check out her article on page 72 titled "treasures fabric book". You can also find more of her articles on the CPS website. Her art has been featured in their weekly newsletter.

Some of these beads may go for her charm swap.


Thanks for stopping by!




Hi Arlene!
The artwork on your blog is BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU for sharing it with the art community! Guess what? You have been nominated for a Blog Award! Please see my blog for more info . . . CONGRATULATIONS!
Inka said…
Great beads! I just made some too but mine are not so colorful. I used old muslin stamped with newsprint
Lisa Kettell said…
Beyond words beautiful your works are gorgeous!
Magic and Joy!

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