Creative Frustrations


Do you ever have a picture in your mind as your creating? You know .........where you can envision how you want a piece of art to turn out but you just can't make it happen. It's not that I don't know what I want to do. I know exactly what I want to do but can't come up with a method to make it work. Can you say FrUstRatioN


Here's what's going on.for the past couple of days I have been working on a piece. I want to add some text. I don't have a stamp for the text. It is a quote I found online. I know the font I want to use. So what are my options?? I can do a transfer. I love doing transfers but I have an inkjet printer and the ink will smear.

My background is acrylic paint with gesso on it. I've experimented with an inkjet transfer on some similar scraps and it is a hit or miss. The quote is 4 lines and odds are at least 2 of the lines will not come out the way I want if I attempt this type of transfer.


I tried to find some rub ons at Joanns this morning. No go.....the font I want and must have, ( I bet you know exactly what I mean by must have ) is a gothic type font. It does not fit into the scrap booky style that seems to rule every product in Joanns.


I also attempted a homemade rub on.....nope. It worked great on a piece of copy paper and I thought WOW this is so cool. But when I tried it on the piece of art it did not transfer all the way. Thankfully it is very faint so it did not ruin my art work.


I also do not want to just print the quote out and glue it down. I do not want to cover up my background. I want the background to peek out from behind the text.

So what do I do. Put the piece up and move on to something else. Or change what I want to do? At this point I am not giving up. We'll see if I can come up with something or I will put it away until I can figure out a way to do what I want to do.


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Anonymous said…
hi arlene

What about a packing tape transfer??

Lisa Crofts
Anonymous said…
What about a transparency? You can get blanks for ink jet printers.
Sharon House said…
Oh Arlene I can relate! I usually just put it away. I just finished something I started nearly a year ago but this time it went very smoothly!

Also wanted you to know that you and your blog has been chosen to receive an award! Drop by my site to see what it is!

Vicki Holdwick said…
This may not be the perfect solution, but i can't help thinking printing out the lines on overhead acetate might work. At least the parts around the words would show the background through.

Or you might even try changing the opacity of the words so that when you print them on transparency paper the background actually would show through.

If you try this, I would be interested to know if it worked.
Anonymous said…
Have you tried printing your quote on vellum and then attaching it to your artwork? The vellum should allow your background to show through. It is worth a try.

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