Sneak Peak


There have been a few things that I have been working on the past few months that were for publication and I haven't been able to share them. Here is a sneak peak at a couple of pieces of art that I've done for the Daily Window website.

If your not familiar with Daily Windows bags click on one of the icons at the top of this post or the link and you can see some of the great handbags they sell. These bags are a great way to showcase your artwork or to even show off pictures of the grand kids.




This second piece is a little different from what you are use to seeing from me. I have worked with fabric on and off for years. I even did the quilt thing for a while. I recently scored a bunch of vintage lace and trims at an estate sale and couldn't wait to do something with it.

Another fabric piece I made has been accepted for publication but you will have to wait to see that. I'm so excited I can't wait for the book to come out.


Both images used are from Paper Imagery Designs. The first image is from the Emily sheet. She is one of my favorite images.

The second image is Sally and I used her as a transfer to dyed muslin.

The PID images are great for transfers. I've never had images transfer so well.


Thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said…
that is so cool! having your work published is quite the coup! congrats!!!!

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