Gesso Resist and GPP Street Team



I was blog hopping this weekend and came across Michelle Wards Green Pepper Press Street Team Blog linked from another blog that I read regularly  Pam Carriker's Blog. I love Pam's art!!!  I've been planning on doing one of Michelle's challenges forever but just never got around to it.


When I saw her current challenge, Properties of Gesso I knew I had to do it. I am a technique junkie. I love finding background techniques and trying them out. I use gesso in my art all the time and I know I've stamped with it but  I'm not sure if I've used it as a resist.


I happened to buy some index cards at the dollar store on Saturday and thought I would try the technique out on the cards. I'll either use them in my journal or just keep them as technique cards.


I did the resist on one side and on the other I just stamped the white gesso. I really didn't leave the gesso to dry as long as Michelle suggested to get a complete resist but I love the way my cards turned out. I love the way the gesso absorbed the acrylic paints that I brushed over it. I probably could of rubbed harder and gotten more of the white gesso to show through but I really liked the way it looks as it is.




See the card on the lower left hand side. I am loving the way the teal and purple paint look together. I've started a journal page and incorporated these colors. I keep falling back on the same colors when I create and really need to add some colors that I don't normally use. Purple is one and teal another. I have used them sporadically over the past year but I want to start using some new brighter colors in my art.




michelle ward said…
Arlene - thanks for coming to play on the team! Great idea to have a go at gesso stamping resist on those file cards. Love seeing all the variations - the purple/teal one is so juicy!
Vicki Holdwick said…
The combination of purple and teal is one of my all time favorites. I don't use them overmuch, but when I am stuck for inspiration, those are the colors I start with.

Nice gesso techniques. Thanks for sharing.
Kim Mailhot said…
Welcome to the crusades, Arlene !

Your first contribution is awesome ! Looks like you had a productive time trying out some new gesso techniques. Isn't fun to take that time to just play with stuff ?
Cheers !
Rosie said…
These turned out really great! I love the fact that you'll use them as technique cards if nothing else... WTG!!
Anonymous said…
Arlene, I really like trying your techniques on index cards...good organizational idea! Liked the color variations you tried.
Anonymous said…
Your cards came out great....and I am loving the idea of keeping technique cards..what a great idea!
iHanna said…
Love that you used the index cards - it makes it even more fun! And the stampings are great!
Anonymous said…
Technique cards - cool idea. The purple/teal looks great. I have got to find time to try this crusade out.
Anonymous said…
Arlene - I just love the file cards - great idea. I think the purple is my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration.
Anonymous said…
the purple / teal is also my favorite ! It seems that this one has more layers in it than the others. The combination of the colors is also great.

greetings from belgium
me2 said…
GOTTA love the dollar store finds! I think that I am the only person that doesn't have any punchinella! These look like mini file folders, and I love them!
Kathryn Costa said…
How cool to use the little index cards for your experiments. I could see creating an index file of experiments and techniques. It would be a handy place to go to when staring at a blank journal page.

Your results are fabulous. I love seeing how you discovered a color combination and ran with it for another project.

I'm so happy you joined the crusade. I'm so inspired to go play!
Anonymous said…
Ooooo.... I REALLY love your technique cards to put in your art journals. This really appeals to me! Thanks so much for this great inspiration! :)

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