6 x 6 Wall Hanging If you Love Something...

 Here is what I worked on this weekend. I have been reading Kelly Rae Roberts new book Taking Flight. I have always wanted to paint pretty little girls. But for some reason I had it in my head that I could not do it. Why does our inner critic sabotage us in this way? The funny thing is that I have always been a doodler. Do you know what I doodled most of the time?? Eyes, lips and heads LOL. I would just cover a piece of paper with eyes, lips and heads. BUT I just kept telling myself I could not paint and blend well enough to actually do one of these little girl pictures.

I have to tell you that I read the first chapter of Kelly's book and worked on a piece in my journal. I was very happy with the way it turned out. I have done three now and I really don't know if I ever would have gotten around to it if I hadn't read Kelly's book. Yes I finished the book and I keep going back to reread chapters.

Here is what I completed this weekend. It is done on a piece of 6 x 6 wood. I put wire on it and it is hanging on the corner of my desk. My batteries are dead so I can't take a pic but here it is scanned before I put the hanger on.



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Hi Arlene
Your little girl is enchanting!
Congratulations on breaking through the invisible curtain of critical voices!
Hurrah for you!
Anonymous said…
Oh I can so relate! How awesome you went ahead and tried it out, she really is very good looking. The white writing really makes a statement too. Robin in Vegas
hi arline
great job!
i can't wait to get my paws on her book!!!
thanks for sharing
enjoy your day
tabby :)
ScaryCheri said…
oooooh I love it Arlene. I will have to check that book out. I have been trying funky drawing and it has let me know that I can draw, even if not great, lol. I agree with your inner critic comment. Also been trying my hand at zentangles which has elevated my doodles and is great fun. Thanks for sharing. Hugz, Scary
Anonymous said…
Wow! You go girl. I love how it came out too. Now she will continue to inspire you as she watches over you at your desk. The background is lovely too.

reagan said…
What a great first portrait! Isn't Kelly Rae's book great? I haven't read it through yet, I'm saving it for those long winter nights:-)but I did a looksee through it.
Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway:-)
Jennifer R.D. said…
Hi Arlene,
This painting is wonderful ! I did one after reading one of her articles in CPS. But it was for an altered book RR, so I need to do one for myself! You were certainly ready after all your doodling practice.

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