Coptic Binding And Hand Bound Journals

Over the years I have made a variety of hand bound books. Every once in awhile I would bind up some of the handmade paper I make into a simple book. I have never written in one of those books mind you. But recently I decided to try my hand at Coptic binding.

It could be that I am fascinated by the Art Journal craze and decided that I could make my own. I did recently buy myself a sketchbook that I plan to use as an Art Journal. The size is a little intimidating tho. I've only managed to decorate the front and gesso a few of the pages but hopefully I will begin to work in it soon.

So... a couple of days ago I recycled some papers from a scrapbook I bought and used the covers from a vintage book I had on hand. There are four signatures with a total of 64 pages. I guess you could say over 80% of the book is recycled. I only bought new the hemp thread and ribbon I used as decoration on the front. I think it is important to do as much as you can for the environment.

I love my new little journal. I am so happy with the way it turned out. Will I ever write in it?....Probably not.......I get so attached to the things I make.
I've been looking for something that I can offer for sale. This could be it.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Sarah E. said…
Now this is neat. I haven't tried too much with altered books yet, although I've been gathering materials in a drawer in my workroom. I've had a few quilting deadlines, but I'm between for a week or so and may try it. I'm currently trying my first little Matchbox Shrine, so we'll see how that turns out!
Linda East said…
Arlene...your binding is terrific.. I think your are definately onto a "saleable" or "sellable" item here...

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