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I've been busy working on some atc's for my monthly local atc swap. The swap is held the first Saturday of every month. This time we had to make 25 atc's. So many people have joined that we were told not to tell anyone about the swap because we could not accept any new people. The store owner allows some of the swappers to send their books in and still swap even tho they can not attend the meeting. I have mixed feelings on this practice.

I can understand this partly because we are in a part of Florida that has a large population of part time residents. We call them snowbirds. These are people who have duel residency. Part of the year they live up north. During the winter they live here in Florida. Some of these people will be returning in the winter and then they will participate in the monthly meeting, I am assuming this of course because I have only been going to these swaps for a couple of months. And at this point who knows if I will still being going to the meetings myself in the winter.

I go to these meetings because it is the only time I get a chance to get together with other arty people. I'm not just there to trade atc's. And to be perfectly honest I rarely even look at the atc's once I have them In my possession.


The picture above is only a small selection of my swap atc's. The theme this month was animals or pets. I decided to do birds. I was going to add some kind of text to them. What do you think? Do they need some text. I really think text is over rated sometimes.

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I love the bird ATCs. I like them as is, but I'm so into the white pens right now you could add a word or 2 with one of those! ;)
Thank you, btw, for your lovely comments on my Summer Skinny Pages from ArtTechniques!!!
Keep up the great art! You are an inspiration!!
Susan Chong
Candy Bello said…
these little birds might need a little text.....and they are pretty on their own...
Anonymous said…
I think your ATCs look great without text. jane
Anonymous said…
firstly, these are really excellent. Music makes a great background (as do maps and newspaper etc) which really works with your birds. I think I'd include text on a couple where there is a suitable space (e.g. the top left and bottom cards) - but not all of them. Whatever you decide will be right. I'm a newbie to ATC - have only just finished my first. We had a brilliant tutor at a recent college staff training day (Treena Markland) who introduced ATCs and showed us how to make covers for them too. It has taken me much longer to make my cover than it took to make the actual card. See some examples of what we did on Treena's brilliant blog

Anonymous said…
I really like the bird images and my first instinct is to leave them as they are...understated and elegant. I used to visit a friend in florida who familiarized me with the term "snowbirds", lol! We have a vacation house in a small town that flows between the 3,300 residents to a crowded 60,000 plus during the Wasa Loppet and then again in the summer months. Gina
MistiRose said…

I'm with you... I think that text is entirely overrated. I'm going back through my mental flash cards of the couple of times I've been through the Louvre... and I don't really recall much text other than at the information desk. So, maybe it boils down to whether or not this is art or some abbreviated form of scrapbooking and journaling?

Personally, I choose to see it as a form of art. If gallieries can feature artists that weld a bicycle tire to an airplane propellor (sp?) and stick a dress form on top of it and call that art I hardly see how our chosen art form is different ... we're just avoiding being burnt. (But please! Do they know how nasty that glue is???!!!)

Anyway, when you let someone else dictate how you assemble your work then it really isn't yours any more, oui? Do what your hands tell you when your eyes are closed... they'll never lead you astray. ;) (Unless you have a blow torch!)

As usual... I RAMBLE.

Au 'voir for now,

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