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I've had a very busy art weekend! You would have thought with all the holiday happenings I wouldn't have been able to find any time for art but the exact opposite occurred. Or maybe I just wanted to get some of these art book pages done and I made it happen.

The above pic is an atc I made on Friday. I got a new set of clear stamps and wanted to try out the butterfly stamp. The image is from Paper Imagery Designs.

All of the art on this post has images from PID. These image sheets are awesome and I am having a hard time using anything but PID images lately. My stash of images pale in comparison the these great sheets!

This first page still needs a little something. It looks a little empty along the top and along the left edge. But I have to keep in mind when I bind it into my book it will look different.

These pages are going to be bound into a little 5 x 7 art book that I started on a few months ago. I've still got a few pages to get done before I can start binding them together. Then I will work on the cover.

Here is Bella. I did all the scrolls by hand with a black gel pen. I was very bored at the time LOL.
I just got the new Inkssentails white Opaque pen from Ranger over the weekend at a local stamp store. I can't wait to try it out.

If your in the Ft Myers, Florida area go check out Betty's Stamp Pad. Betty is great and I have a good time every month at the atc swap.

Now I have to tell you these two next pages are my favorite out of all the pages so far. The one above is Emily and the one below is Isabella. These are my two favorite images so far from Paper Imagery Designs. But don't hold me to that I am expecting some more image sheets in the mail and I am sure I will find a new favorite very quickly.
Also worked on some backgrounds but I will save them for another day.

Thanks for stopping by! Comments welcome and if you get a chance check out the Paper Imagery Designs website. They are running a grand opening sale. Only $2 a image sheet. This price is their special grand opening sale price. It is more then half off the regualr price for each image sheet. You will not find a better price any where out there for quality laser image sheets.

Have a great day!


Art By Wanda said…
Arlene, all of theese pages are wonderful!!!
Anonymous said…
I was going to comment how neat your stamping was on the first one, LOL!

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