Another Gothic Arch

I had so much fun making the Gothic Arch for the weekly challenge at the Paper Imagery Designs Yahoo group I decided to make another one. The image is from Paper Imagery Designs.

I also decided to share the before and after of my background piece. I loved the background piece before I added my elements and why I decided to cover it up with cheesecloth I don't know.
But while I was in my artistic zone I thought wouldn't that look cool with some dyed cheesecloth on it. So I pulled out a baggy of dyed cheesecloth and cut up some strips. Then I took my little mini misters full of dye reinkers and pearlx and hit the cheesecloth with a couple of squirts. At first I was only going to add the cheesecloth to the left hand side. But when I was trying to lay it on the side of the arch to see what it looked like I didn't care for the way it looked. Finally I just brushed some soft gel medium over the whole thing and started laying the cheesecloth over the entire arch. It looked pretty good to me. I let the gel medium set up a bit and then snipped the cheesecloth off around the vintage stamp.
So what do you think?


Anonymous said…
I love it! I thought your background before you covered it with cheese cloth was a work of art on its very own. :) Thank you for sharing your technique... and all of your beautiful art.

Best wishes,
Misti Rose
I think your artwork is AWESOME, Arlene!!!! Truly AWESOME!!!!!!

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