Belinda Spiwak's Mixed Media Art Group


Hey ya'll just in case you were a member of Belinda's Mixed Media Art Yahoo group and you just noticed that the group has disappeared like I did. Yes I'm a little slow. I've been sick and busy this past week. She has started another group while yahoo tries to find the original group.

Mixed Media Art Friends is where everyone is. I've just started reading the messages I missed and there are a lot of cool swap ideas floating around. So if your interested in Mixed Media Art this is the place to be!





Heidi said…
Sounds like a fun group. I have to limit swapping now that spring is here! We've got a big home project going, and a wedding (one of my younger sisters). But I will sneak into a swap or two every once in a while! This mixed media art group sure sounds fun, I'll try to keep an eye on your project!

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