Free Vintage Images & ATC 9 by 9 & ATC Swap

Free Vintage Images!

I bet that got your attention. Like most crafters and artists that work in mixed media art I am always on the look out for free images to use in my art work. Yesterday I was surfing around looking to see if I could find anything interesting and came across a relatively new website . There are gobs of free things to download along with her extensive collection of vintage clip art for sale.
Be sure to check out her link for free downloadable collage sheets.

This past Saturday I went to another ATC swap at Betty's Stamp Pad. I am so glad my mother in-law decided to drag me to that first swap. I have met some very nice people there. I think it is great to chat with like minded people, don't you?

This is a picture my first attempt at a 9 by 9 ATC layout. I am not sure what the correct " name " is for one of these. So if you know please leave a comment. I would love to see how other people do these to get an idea.

One of the ladies at the swap is going to do a one on one swap with me for another 9 by 9 so I wanted to see if I would have any problems before I commit to a theme. The fish I used here are from a roll of vintage wall paper I have had sitting around for over a year now. My collections are really starting to take over my home LOL and I need to start using what I have one hand.

These are the two different sets of ATC's I brought to the swap. I was very happy and surpirsed that I only had two left out of the 17 I had brought when the swapping was all over.


Heidi said…
The 9X9 sets are cool! I've never seen the atcs set up like that before. In a way, that's an efficient method to make up 9 atcs! Sounds like you had fun at the ATC swap!

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