Major Art Supply Score

I've had a great two days this week scoring supplies and just had to share with you.
Thursday I ran into my local Joann's to see if I could find the latest issue of Somerset Studio. I had a 40% off coupon I wanted to use before it expired.
For a couple of months I had a project in mind that required some cheesecloth. The last time I bought some to use for cooking it cost an unbelievable $4.99 for two little squares. So on a whim I go back to the fabric department and ask if they have any cheesecloth not really expecting them to have it.
So the very nice lady working the cutting table says, sure it over here and I follow her to the area where thread and notions are sold. She points down to this huge box and says here it is. The box is about 38 inches long. Knowing how much I paid for that tiny little pack I bought a few years ago I just knew I couldn't afford it.
I tell the lady thank you and pick up a box and open the lid to see what it's like. Well it's cheesecloth ya know so I see that it is one continueous piece. I look around for a bar code or something with a price and I can't find one. So I go find the lady again and she scans the box. Are you ready?..............$1.49. Yes you read that right. One dollar and forty-nine cents. I looked at the woman and ask in shock, $1.49? "Thats what it's scanning. It's used for halloween decorations." she tells me.
I say, " Do you know what that costs in the grocery store?" and she says yes. So I snatch up a box and go get a cart so I don't have to carry this huge box around in my hands. The cheesecloth is 36 inches wide and it is an unbelievable 80 yards long. Needless to say after I got my cart I went back for another box. I'll never have to worry about buying cheesecloth again. So if you have a Joann's super store near you and you've been wanting some cheesecloth go check it out.
My next great score came along today. Remember in an earlier post I told you my mother inlaw and I were going to a local stamp store for an ATC swap? Well while we were there a few of the ladies told us that they were having their yearly "yard sale " where any of the customers could rent space and sell their unwanted stamps and supplies.
By the way the stamp store is great and the people are very friendly and helpful so if you happen to live anywhere near Lee County, Florida you should stop in and visit. They have an unbelievable amount of great stamps and craft/art supplies and the prices are really good. The store is Bettys Stamp Pad. Oh and Betty's son who was working the store told me he will make anything into a stamp and the cost is only $1 per square inch. I couldn't believe it!!
So I went to the yard sale and bought a huge amount of unmounted stamps for under $5. ( I'll take a count later ) I also found 26 Somerset mags for $1 a piece. I bought every Somerset and CPS magazine that I didn't already have and one CPS that I seemed to have misplace with the project requiring the cheesecloth in it. Boy did I get lucky finding that issue. I probably stashed the mag away somewhere so I could do the project and now I can't find it lol.
So I've already started dying some of the cheesecloth and when I get the project done I'll show you all what I've made.
Have a great weekend and happy crafting!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Wow! What a score! There is no such luck to be had in this part of the world, but it doesen't stop me from coveting the luck of others!, LOL!
Heidi said…
Arlene, That's a lot of cheesecloth! Can't wait to see your project....any maybe some cheese on the side! So, I wonder, did you find the Somerset issue you were after? I need to check my *mini-sized* Joanne's for the latest Studio...

beithe said…
LOL. The twisted thing about me is that I am now going to go to Joannes and buy cheesecloth! You never know when you may need it! I would like to find a soldering kit for 1.49....
you have a nice blog

Anonymous said…
wow! you did score a coupe! great going!

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