November Updates

For those interested I managed to meet the 50K word goal of Nanowrimo ( see previous post ) so I am a winner!! Yea! I'm still working on it about every other day and have written thus far over 63K word. My New Year's resolution will be to finish my novel, edit and find someone to publish it. Wish me luck!

December News

I just realized Christmas is almost here.No I am not ready. I don't even have my tree up yet. Bah Hum Bug I know. It's been one of those years.

I had to pack up all my art supplies so I could get my house in order just to put up my Christmas tree. Yes I have an artificial one. When my two oldest children were younger they both had asthma and a big no no is a real tree, especially here in Florida where we live. So I have been using an artificial tree for years.

So the house is straightened up and I am about to pull all my decorations out and start decorating but I have been so jealous looking at all the other blogs with all the wonderful Christmas theme art work being made that I had to dig out a picture from last year to share with you all.

Last year my daughter had a fourth grade project to complete at this time. She could pick any country and write a report on the holiday traditions associated with that country.

Well all of my family immigrated from Germany back in the 1800's. Yes I am a genealogist also. I have researched all four sides of my family and everyone of them came from Germany. Interesting note. From my research I have found out that my siblings and I are 100% German. Not many people can say that can they??

So for her project she picked Germany. Most of today's traditions can be traced back to the late 1700 + 1800's in Germany. Even most of the popular Christmas songs were originally written by men from Germany.

During our research we came across the Dredsen Star Ornaments website and decided to make a paper doll ornament as part of her project. At the website you will find a printable template to make your own. This is a great project for children during the holiday season when you might need to find something to keep them busy. We made a couple of others and if I find them while I am decorating my tree I will post pictures of those also.
Wouldn't a Christmas tree decorated in paper dolls be beautiful. One of these years I plan to decorate a small three foot tree in all vintage and hand made ornaments. Maybe next year.
Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Kim said…
I remember these - Dresden Star has such fabulously done ornaments! Your daughters German doll turned out very well!

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