Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I should be cleaning my house or prepping my turkey, instead I am reading blogs. I haven't posted any new art work and I haven't had a chance to practice my soldering which I wanted to do so I could make some soldered Christmas ornaments. I should have known better. November is a very busy month for me. And not just because the holiday season is upon us.

Every November I particiapate in a writing challenge. November is National Novel Writing Month or NanoWriMo. If you are a writer or have ever had dreams of becoming one this is the place to be each November.

The site is also a non profit org who collects money to build libraries in under developed countries. No donations are required to participate and they have also started a Young Writers Program. All you homeschooling mothers might be interested in that program.

The object of NanoWriMo is to slam out 50,000 words of a first draft novella. Doesn't matter how good or bad it is just so you get the first draft done ( goal of 50K ) words by November 30th. It's up to you what you do with your first draft when the month of Novemeber is over. Edit it and submit it to an agent or publisher or just leave it be.

For me I started doing this because I have always wanted to write and I took this on as a personal goal but there are many people who have had their NanoWriMo novel published after editing and cleaning it up. There are even a few very famous authors who participate each year.

This will be my fifth year participating and I am proud to say that I made the 50K every time. This year has been a challenge. Many things are different in my family right now like a 1 year old granddaughter but I will bust my butt starting tomorrow and know I will made the goal.

So if your interesting hop on over to the website NanoWriMo and check it out.



Unknown said…
That is so cool to be part of your writing group each November - we tend to get things done if we have a deadline, would love to see you in print one day (fingers crossed)
-never give up on your dreams x
Anonymous said…
I remember reading about this project somewhere last year. What a cool project to participate in, great that you've met the challenge every year! My problem is I cannot craft and write simultaneously! Have a great weekend, and hopefully you'll find time to do all the things you want to do!

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