Skinny Book Swap

I have been busy working on my pages for the skinny book swap Belinda is hosting on the arttechniques yahoo group. The above picture is of my first set of pages. I made the mistake of signing up for two groups of pages. As I struggled to come up with something for my second set I realized that I should just stick to one set in whatever swaps I join because once I get the first set completed I have a hard time coming up with something for the second set. The deadline is approaching. I have started my second set and I am sure will finish in time to meet the November 1st deadline. It didn't help that last week I was in bed with a nasty sinus infection so now I am feeling rushed.

I can't wait to get this swap finished. I don't think I will be joining any more swaps for awhile. I am not making any art for art sake because I am consumed with this swap. I have a hard time working on anything else while I am working on swaps. I am also biting at the bit to do some soldering and I feel I can not begin that new adventure until this swap is finished and in the mail.


I love this page. I've never made a skinny book but it looks like a fun project. I am in the arttechniques too.
Anonymous said…
ok so you will give me the skinny book, right?

you talented woman you!
Anonymous said…
I wish I had joined. I read the latest posting and will wait for the next round. The soldering looks great!
Anonymous said…
I've never made a "skinny" book, but like you, I have to be very careful how many swaps I get into! The swap deadlines do make me stay focused and on task, and often I learn new art methods because of the swaps. But I do look forward to seeing more of your soldered art, too!

PS Thanks for putting your name in my BOO drawing!

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