Soldering Adventures

Last week I placed an order with Simply Swank for their Simply Solder Art Kit. I had read a few reviews on a couple of blogs that were filled with high praise for the kit and Melissa & Lisa the owners of Simply Swank.
I have to tell you that the shipping was fast. I ordered on Thursday and the kit came in on Monday. There was a problem though. The bottle of flux leaked all over the box. I immediately emailed Melissa who had taken my order over the phone on Thursday. She sent me out a new bottle of flux right away. It's great to find a company who is selling a great product and has excellent customer service. So if you were thinking about entering the world of soldered charms I highly recommend Simply Swank.

I have never soldered and really had no idea of what was involved but I had seen so many cute soldered charms and I had also bought Sally Jean Alexanders book "Pretty Little Things" a few months back. After seeing all of Sally's beautiful creations I decided soldering was something I wanted to learn.

The kit from Simply Swank comes with everything you need to get started. The kit even included a few sets of glass but I had a package of 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 memory glass from Ranger already on hand so I did not buy anything extra. I had a birthday gift card from my good friend Kim and I did not want to purchase anything extra in case after playing around I decided that soldering was just to hard or that I was not interested in the process after I tried it.

The pictures above is my very first attempt at soldering. It does not look very good but I will say that I did a few things wrong with the cooper tape. I actually had a hard time with the tape. Soldering was easier then getting that tape on the edge of the glass. Plus I was a little rushed as I was applying the tape. One of the corners also did not adhere to the glass so it did lift up from the heat. But I am very happy with my first attempt.
My husband was going to buy me a soldering iron at one of the local home improvement centers so I wouldn't have to wait to have the kit shipped. I am so happy he didn't talk me into it.
My 16 year old son was watching me as I soldered this charm. He had recently been making some repairs using a soldering iron from my son in law and could not believe how easily the Simply Swank Soldering iron melted the solder and flowed over the copper tape.
I am afraid I am going to have to hide my new toy! I just know my son can't wait to try and get his hands on it.


Inka said…
Great job! But do hide that from the son… if he gets his hands on it you probably will never see it again…lol My son has walked off with so many of my tools :))
Anonymous said…
I am SO tempted to solder but as much as I burn my fingers with hot glue, I know I am an accident waiting to happen. Great job on the charms and congrats on winning the atc art!
Anonymous said…
This charm is so sweet...darling image. You did fabulous for your first time. and i love the Sally Jean book. I just drool everytime I look at it.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I came over from Heidi's blog "Every Day Cookies". I've been wanting to learn how to solder too, and I've beenw waiting to see how she liked it! I think I'll go order the kit now, your first attempt turned out great!
Sarah said…
i just love your soldered charm..I am going to get this book looks amazing
While I was looking for lead-free solder online, I came across your blog. I'm so glad I did! Your first attempt is awesome - you did a great job. And after looking around your blog, I really like what I see. You're very creative - thanks for sharing! xx

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