Stamp Carving

I entered the world of hand carved stamps very innocently. While shopping at my local Joann's for some gesso I notice a few items marked on clearance on the same isle. I found the Speedball Block Printing Starter Kit marked down to an unbelievable $5. The kit regularly retails for $17.99 at Joann's. Needless to say I snatched it up and also bought the last two linoleum blocks they had.
This is my second attempt at carving linoleum blocks. For my first try I did a simple tree. The blocks are 4 x 5 inches so they make a large size stamp. I read a lot online about carving linoleum before I tried my first stamp. I really thought it would be more difficult then it actually was from all that I read online but I found the linoleum very easy to carve.
For the above picture I used three different types of stamp ink. It is amazing the different looks you can get by using different color inks.
I'm not sure what I'll use the stamp for. It's too big for an atc. I'll probably used it for a bigger piece or when I am making background papers.


Anonymous said…
This is beautiful! Great job! I'm so impressed.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! I love all your artwork here! You are very artistic (quite the artful blogger!). I did get to the bottom and follow your link to your free images! Thanks for sharing these!

Your linoleum block intrigues me...years ago one of my daughter's teachers gave me a "Hunt Speedball Linoleum Block Printing Card Kit". Until I read your post here, I never used it! But now I see what I can actually do with it. My question is, where do I find the linoleum to use? I would love to make some of my own stamps! In the kit they call it "block printing", but now I see it's just really a stamp! Thanks for your creativity!

(Sorry to be so long winded...too much coffee already this morning, maybe??)

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