Faux Solder and Memory Glass

Ever since I bought Sally Jean's book "Pretty Little Things" I have been dying to try my hand at soldering. But I am sure like alot of you I don't want to buy more supplies for a another project. I really am trying to curb my spending and avoid running out and buying new supplies for yet another project. Soldered glass charms and other items made with solder are beautiful but I am not sure it is something that I would want to keep doing after experimenting.
Recently on one of my yahoo groups someone mentioned that Micheal's craft store was now carrying the Ranger Memory Glass at a reasonable price. Price is another thing I pay close attention to so I ran down to the local Micheal's and snapped up the last pack of the 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inch container of Ranger Memory Glass. I guess I'm not the only one interested in this type of project around here.
I also found some metal tape. I bought it knowing I would need it but not sure how I was going to go about this project with out soldering the jump ring on. I've recently joined the Rangerlink yahoo group so I posted to the group to see if anyone had any idea of how to get a jump ring on the metal tape without using a soldering iron. It's a great group and if you use any of the Ranger products please join. I got a few responses but not what I wa looking for. I decided after seeing some silver fimo clay at the craft store that I could probably use it instead of soldering. Of course it would not look as beautiful as the solder but for my purposes I figured it would work.
Above are the pictures of the first charm I made. I was a bit rushed so the edges are not as even as I would like. And I also need to buff the fimo to shine it up. I will then put a protectant on it.


Anonymous said…
looks like they would make great christmas ornaments or package decorations. :)

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